Innerscapes: Awakening Retreat in Bali

Vitality VIP presents innerscapes: awakening

Give yourself a chance to feel supercharged - a chance for your goals, your purpose, to be renewed. Discover parts of yourself that are hungering to be reignited and set free and return back to the most authentic you.

VitalityVIP is creating a change of pace from the throes of life; an opportunity to play, create, connect with other women (and yourself AGAIN) in a safe, exclusive get-away.

Our expert contributors will provide knowledge and techniques with you via step-by step lessons, spiritually nourishing exercises, and live therapies.  At the end of each workshop, you will have time to engage with others and the space to internally process what you have experienced privately. In this way, you can better share progress, epiphanies, ideas, and questions while collaborating together towards new breakthroughs of awareness and self discoveries.

Our invitation to you is to join us for Innerscape Awakening Oasis Experience in the beautiful landscapes of Bali. Break away from YOUR ordinary and realize that a healing gift awaits you as a relaxing experience of deep rest and rejuvenation..

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